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Documentation - Document Control Management

Project Document Management
The process of Tracking, organising and distributing Documentation of a project between all project stakeholders involved.
They track "Documents"

Documents are created by planning what needs to be done

Documents can be revised and change, where as records don’t (must not) change.

Document Control Department

Every (large) project uses a document Control department. The Document Control Department tracks ALL project relevant documentation, allowing the project to have an up-to-date status on availability and Status of the documentation from design to "IFC", including all of the relevant communications during Engineering, Construction and Handover.

This means :

  1. Between Engineering Disciplines

  2. To and from Vendors

  3. To and from Construction

  4. To and from Subcontractors

  5. To and from Client

Engineering and Vendor Document Life Cycle

Document Control Management Tool

A computerised system including a structure for document location and status tracking on a multi-discipline level. The tool applies a database to include all relevant (status and Revision) information for DOCUMENTS.

When set-up correctly The Document Management Tool delivers an up-to-date overview of availability and status of project related documentation.

On smaller projects or for the sake of Traceability it might well be that the Completions department uses the Document Control department and their Database / Resources for handing over the "As Build" documentation and "Records" to the Client.

Expediting on the Construction Documentation is done (on bigger projects) by the "Completions Department" This, because we Expedite construction Documents by "TURNOVER SYSTEMS" rather then by document type.

For more information on this, please refer to "Turnover - Systems and Sub-systems"

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